The Script


Missing them already!

*also learned of an up-and-coming artist, Sinead Burgess, who has a killer voice.

She performed “Goodnight America” and “Three Words” (my favourite of the songs she sang that evening).


The Recent Kitchen Experience

Been cooking/baking quite a bit since we moved to Perth. And now that I’ve got so much free time on my hands I figure why not put it to good use. (:

We’ve been under a pretty strict budget since neither of us were working for the better part of our first month here so eating in was pretty much our practice from day 1 and I’m proud to say I’ve finally gotten down to making quite a few dishes I’ve always wanted but never set aside the time to in Singapore – here they are!

The Sweets

  • Martha Stewart’s New York Crumb Cake (inspired to make it after watching Buddy Valastro)
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